We offer a specialist window cleaning service for both residential and commercial clients.

We make use of safe and eco-friendly methods including water-fed-poles and rope access for those hard-to-reach areas.

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About Us

Chayil Window Cleaners offers a specialized and professional window cleaning service.

We are a Gauteng-based, 100% black-woman-owned  and managed business

We are sufficiently resourced with state of the art equipment (water-fed pole system using “pure water”) and rope access systems.

Our carefully selected cleaning technicians are readily available to service both commercial and residential clients.

Our Services



We provide a specialist window cleaning service to the following Commercial clients:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Office Blocks & Office Complexes
  • Showrooms and Factory’s
  • Shopping Centres and Shop Fronts
  • Complexes and Estates
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Hotels and Conference Centres

We also provide these services to Residential clients:

  • Housing Estates (single houses or entire estate)
  • Flats (individual or entire block)
  • Townhouses (single unit or entire complex)
  • Retirement Homes (single unit or entire complex)
  • Lifestyle villages




Our Window Cleaning Process


All external window cleaning is carried out using a high-reach water-fed-pole system at heights up to 15m – without using ladders or scaffolding, whilst the internal work is via traditional squeegee method.


Water Fed Pole System (WFP)

  • This work is done from the ground hence it is safer, less intrusive, environmentally friendly and faster than traditional methods.
  • The WFP system basically uses tap water which undergoes a filtration process where pure water is produced and then is pumped through hoses and telescopic poles, directly onto the windows and frames.
  • A soft bristled brush is used to agitate dust particles, which are then rinsed away with the pure water – no chemicals or detergents are used – just pure water. Only pure water allows for spot-free cleaning and a sparkling finish
  • The cleaned windows will be left wet which seems unusual but be assured, once the water has dried, you will be left with sparkling windows with no spots or streaks.
  • You will likely notice that the windows stay cleaner for longer. This is because there is no sticky soap residue left on the window. Usually rainfall would mix with this soap residue and form little spots on the windows.


Traditional window cleaning methods in SA used soap based detergents which resulted in dirt build up on your windows resulting in spotty and streaky windows.

At least 3 treatments with pure water will really give you the benefits of this cleaning method. We recommend a minimum of at least 3 treatments.


Pure water leaves no soapy residue for dirt to stick to.
Pure water is safe on the environment, buildings, signage and paintwork.
Telescopic poles reduce the risk associated with ladders, damage to property and persons.
Smaller teams are supervised which makes for better security.
When it comes to working at heights or hard to access areas, rope access is by far the safest and most efficient access method used around the world today!
Well the facts are… due to the evolution of rope access equipment, safe systems of work, and the high level of training technicians endure to get their certification, the rope access industry has seen the lowest incident and injury rate in the entire access industry!



We provide once-off and contract solutions.


We negotiate a specific package to suite specific requirements for landlords, body-corporate, managing and real estate agents.


Reminders are sent by sms a week in advance for scheduled contract work.


All work is supervised and managed by a site manager.

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Office Number: 081-499-6583

Email: info@chayilprojects.co.za